Meet XC90. The 7-seater SUV designed with a purpose for our planet – and engineered for powerful driving.

The Volvo XC90 is the summit of everything we've learned about luxury car making in Volvo's 90-year history. It possesses contemporary Scandinavian design and craftsmanship, both inside and out. It drives like a car, yet its refined strength gives you the capability to go anywhere in style. Close the doors of your first-class cabin, breathe its carefully filtered, clean air and the stresses of the city fade into the background. The exterior design tells the world you have arrived, while the interior design communicates a sense of opulent luxury, calm and well-being. Speak commands, touch the screen - you're in complete control.

The XC90 is available as petrol/diesel mild hybrid (B Engine) and as a Plug-in hybrid (Recharge)

Trim Levels available are:

CORE - The standard equipment level for a connected and comfortable drive.(Bright Theme Only)

PLUS - The comprehensive equipment level above standard with all you need for harmonious travel. (Dark Theme Only)

ULTIMATE - The highest equipment level for optimum comfort. Advanced connectivity and outstanding Scandinavian style (Dark/ Bright Theme)

In addition to Plus and Ultimate specification, the following design themes apply where appropriate:

DARK - A contemporary and dynamic exterior design expression with glossy black detailing.

BRIGHT - A bright, sophisticated Scandinavian exterior design expression with chrome detailing.