For more than 60 years, Volvo Cars has been driven by a vision to create estate cars that enrich people's lives. That exact same vision underpins the new V60. This is a car where modern Scandinavian design and a focus on innovation allow you to live the life you want. The V60 does more than simply fit into your active life. This is a car that will help make every moment count.

We designed the new V60 to be the ultimate lifestyle enabler. Smart versatility combined with dynamic elegance helps you to do what you want to do. The load compartment offers class-leading capacity and accommodates almost anything you need to bring.

From the moment you settle into your seat and close the door behind you, the V60 is a car that is set up for driving pleasure. It has a dynamic driving character that inspires confidence, with an advanced chassis designed to provide perfectly balanced road holding and comfort.

Elegant, sporty, spacious and versatile: welcome to the new generation of Volvo estate car. Welcome to the Volvo V60.

The V60 is available at petrol/diesel mild hybrid (B Engine) and as a Plug-in hybrid (Recharge)

Trim Levels available are:

CORE - The standard equipment level for a connected and comfortable drive.(Bright Theme Only)

PLUS - The comprehensive equipment level above standard with all you need for harmonious travel. (Bright/Dark Theme)

ULTIMATE - The highest equipment level for optimum comfort. Advanced connectivity and outstanding Scandinavian style (Dark Theme)

In addition to Plus and Ultimate specification, the following design themes apply where appropriate:

DARK - A contemporary and dynamic exterior design expression with glossy black detailing.

BRIGHT - A bright, sophisticated Scandinavian exterior design expression with chrome detailing.